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The church was a great influence in people’s lives and new people coming into the area brought their religion with them.

Many Irish workers were attracted to the industries in the area in the late 19th century and they brought Catholicism with them.

St. Michael and All Angels Church

The picture shows St. Michael & All Angels Church with its tower built 1100 or before. (Pic - BYGONE Newburn, A.D. Walton)

In 1868 Richard Lamb of West Denton helped to found St. George’s Roman Catholic Church in Bells Close. The Church of the Holy Saviour was built in 1836/7 at Sugley. The architect was Benjamin Green, well known for many buildings in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne. Unusually, the Church is aligned north - south rather than the normal east - west, to avoid a pit shaft on the eastern part of the land. This Church was previously known as Sugley Parish Church.

The oldest church in the area is St. Michael & All Angels in Newburn. TheTower was built about 1100AD as the village stronghold against the marauding Scots. Both of George Stephenson’s marriages took place here and William Hedley, another Tyneside railway pioneer, is buried here too.

“...when my father died after illness and unemployment ... my mother was left with no income. We had to attend the Chapel where we sat in front of ‘The Board of Guardians’ where my mother had to ask for monetary assistance.”

(From the recollections of William Lynn, a community resident)

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